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Prepare for Market Readiness

Earning Higher Client Returns

Cityside prepares real estate assets to receive top value at sale. Over 4,300 vetted and skilled vendors across America perform our renovation and repair services. Our clients’ needs range from routine cleaning to emergency disaster recovery services.


When coupled with detailed system checks, potential buyers have more confidence knowing exactly what they are buying. Property values increase and quality of life improves for residents.

Cityside’s inspection and routine services help maintain conditions favorable for sale. When reinforced with routine inspections, repairs and pest control, investors know that their properties are presented in a state of high quality, even upon close up buyer inspection.


We provide the following and more:

  • Maid Service

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Pest Control

  • Snow Removal

  • Health & Safety Hazards

  • Vacant Property Registration

  • Code Violation Resolution

  • Nuisance Animal Control

Maintain Value and Stability

Staying Out of Harms Way

Vacant homes are vulnerable. Cityside secures vacant properties to protect against threats and stabilize asset value. To date, Cityside has secured tens of thousands of homes across America and is poised for many more. Whether inspecting, securing, boarding, reglazing, screening, or changing locks, we will help you keep your assets out of harm’s way.

Our Preservation and Protection services are comprehensive. All services are performed by trained specialists. Cityside has earned the trust of some of the highest volume real estate owners in the country. We handle everything property managers need to keep up with:


  • Debris Removal

  • Repairs

  • Winterization

  • Yard Maintenance

  • Snow Removal

Door Repair

Monitor and Protect

Prevention Through Inspection

Clients need to know that their property’s condition is as good as what the last inspection shows. Cityside’s inspectors are highly skilled and well trained, providing services beyond those of the typical home inspection company.


We are real estate experts who know the importance of thoroughness and details – things that make a difference in property values. We offer specialized expertise in:

  • Securing

  • Boarding

  • Reglazing

  • Screening

  • Lock Changes


When Time and Performance Matters

Cityside’s pre-conveyance services bring properties to an equitable foreclosure sale quickly and efficiently.


Each service is carefully crafted for the investor with the ultimate goal of disposition. Many options are available to you when you engage the Cityside team:

  • Habitability

  • Repairs

  • System Checks

  • Quality Control

  • Initial and Routine Inspections

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