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HOA & Rental Management

Taking a customer-centric approach

Cityside pays very close attention to our local New England market. It’s no wonder why our customers have remained loyal for over fifteen years now. During that time, Cityside has mastered the management of homeowners associations and is proud of its valuable contributions to the community.

Cityside’s team of local property managers and maintenance staff are second to none when it comes to delivering personalized and reliable services to tenants and homeowners. Cityside’s property management services have been fashioned with the owners and occupants in mind.

Investor Services

Let your property work for you

Cityside provides individually customized Property Management solutions for high volume real estate owners. By directing a host of services that preserve real estate assets, Cityside supports the real estate industry investor.


The company’s regional and local teams have expertise in developing rapidly scalable service packages to manage any sized project from single buildings to entire neighborhoods or large scattered site portfolios. Cityside’s dedicated real estate professionals provide the following services for investors.

Reviewing CVs
Modern Sunroom

Vacant Properties

Maintain the care while no one is there

Caring for vacant properties requires vigilant attention. Property left unattended or in a state of disrepair attracts undesirable elements. Vandals, squatters and looters seek abandoned assets to exploit.


Cityside leaves nothing to chance.  We reduce owners’ risk while preserving and often increasing the value of vacant properties we manage.

Occupied Properties

Fortifying Communities and Preserving Investments

Cityside protects your income stream and preserves your real estate asset value by proactively managing occupied properties with sensitivity and diligence.


Fifteen years of multi-region management history have forged our real estate professionals into high volume portfolio management experts.

Working from Home
Roofer at Work

Disaster Recovery

The only real disaster is failure to respond

Cityside’s emergency response teams stand ready to take bold and direct action in both predictable and unexpected events.  In some of the darker hours, Cityside’s people rallied to the aid of countless victims following such devastating events as Hurricane Katrina and many notable natural disasters during the last two decades.


From calling in the right emergency personnel to directing scores of repair crews, Cityside has the scalable resources to restore and rebuild damaged assets quickly and efficiently.

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