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As a Cityside Vendor, you will have access to Cityside's applications and documentation that will guide you on how to perform the services to the specifications required by our clients. Below are links to Cityside's tools and references. Please contact your Property Manager for specific questions pertaining to your assignments.



Login to Cityside's applications and access your assigned work.



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Reviewing Laws


Quickly find references and forms here.



Find the most common questions & answers here.

  • Q: When will I get paid?

  • A: Payments to contractors are made bi-weekly for work done about two weeks prior.


  • Q: How should I submit my invoices?

  • A: Most work will be submitted and invoiced via Cityside's FotoNotes forms. Any other invoices to Cityside should include the property address and the Property ID or Case Number of the property on which work was performed.


Other questions or concerns? Please email

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