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Every Dollar Counts

If you’re establishing a market price, analyzing your return on improvements, or deciding to sell or hold, Cityside is your best source of information. The Cityside team maintains extremely high expectations for all of its appraisers and they have performed tens of thousands of appraisal reviews.


Moreover, high standards have been set for our brokers who are called upon for CMAs and BPOs. Many profitable decisions have been made based on the sound information gathered by Cityside. We invite you to talk with us to review our valuation processes and Asset Management program which includes:

  • CMA

  • BPO

  • Appraisals

  • Income Analysis


Leave No Stone Unturned

“Nothing happens until a sale is made” and without great exposure to the marketplace, property can be slow to sell. Cityside has your marketing needs covered. From electronic bidding to auctions, your property will be well positioned for sale.


Our business savvy brokers use the most innovative and current marketing and advertising techniques. Once committed, Cityside’s team carefully guides each buyer to the closing, making sure that all bases are covered along the way. Comprehensive marketing services are provided by sales and marketing experts:

  • Broker Selection and Training

  • Electronic Bidding

  • Contract Negotiation and Execution

  • Auction Administration

  • Advertising Management

  • Marketing Incentives

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Office Work


Mastery of Details

The devil is in the details – or maybe not! The devil usually shows up when you neglect the necessary administrative details of managing high volumes of real estate. Cityside’s team of asset administration experts are like angels to our investor clients. We take care of the time consuming but necessary administrative details; title, taxes, utilities, and HOA challenges – they all come easy to us.

Cityside has also mastered the art of closing. Our customers know their transactions are safe with us. From deed preparation to settlement statement review and reconciliation of funds, each of your closings will get the personal attention it deserves. Call Cityside for details and join our happy customers who no longer worry about:

  • Title review

  • Property tax processing

  • HOA administration

  • Utility management

  • Deed preparation and review

  • Closing activity monitoring

  • Distribution of funds

  • Settlement statement audits

Field Work

Vital to Asset Preservation

Code Compliance

One unresolved code compliance issue can have considerable negative ramifications. Our customers rely on us to maintain open lines of communication with code officers and head off any issues before they become problematic. Our team responds without delay and works closely with public officials to resolve outstanding issues. Feel free to call Cityside to ask about how we can reduce your risk of code violations and work for your best interests in your property’s jurisdiction – wherever it may be.


Maintenance and Repairs

Cityside’s network of over 2,200 vendors covers most of the country. These closely screened and trusted partners provide maintenance, repairs and cleaning as needed to help facilitate marketing and tenancy. Continuous maintenance and repair also alleviates many code compliance issues. Cityside is fortunate to have a remarkable pool of skilled technicians and craftsmen working as partners and associates. Engage Cityside’s Asset Management services and you will have skilled, dedicated and trustworthy men and women working to preserve your assets.

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